Terra Sans brings to India Fendi Casa & Streamlined by Ipe Cavalli

Do you eat, drink, and breathe high fashion? If yes, it’s time to let your home speak of your style and passion for hi-living couture! If you have ever wished to rest on a Fendi couch or bling up your room with an Ipe Cavalli chandelier without taking a flying out of India, consider your wish granted! Welcome to Terra Sans!

Fendi Casa & ipe CAVALLI

Fendi Casa & ipe CAVALLI

Sprinkle your ‘fashilicious’ glitter on your home with Terra Sans. It is the ultimate paradise for your home. It’s the passionate fruit of the overwhelming zest for fashion of Nagar Sisters who have come together with the designer duo – Nitin Kohli and Seetu Kohli to bring luxury to India! It’s a dream come true for all the Indian home owners who want to bring home Italian comfort without stepping out of the country!

Terra Sans has brought to Indian land a wide and exquisite range of comfortable yet stylish, vibrant yet classy home décor from two of the world’s finest brands: Fendi Casa and Streamlined by Ipe Cavalli. These names need no introduction. With their well blended Spring Summer Collection launched in India, the two names are here to bling up your home.

Fendi Casa’s ‘Lobster Red’ collection on display at Terra Sans, Gurgaon.

Fendi Casa’s ‘Lobster Red’ collection on display at Terra Sans, Gurgaon.

Ipe Cavalli is not just another home décor brand. It has a flamboyant, playful, imaginative, classy, stylish yet emotional touch without being rigid and imposed. Leo Cavalli believes that, “IPE Cavalli is not just for the famous but for anyone who is rich”. And, he thinks that the Indian market is ready for D’ziner living.

As Terra Sans brings you the personalized touch of Leo Cavalli, it adds a dash of the famous ‘double F’ logo with Fendi Casa – a 23 year old brand which believes in ‘dressing up’ a room by adding the Fendi bling and detailing of material.

Fendi Casa is an accomplished name that has worked magic for the world’s most luxurious homes, yachts, private jets and hotels like Hotel Soho, New York. It has finally hit the Indian décor market to add class and elegance to your lifestyle together with the stylish, young and different creations of IPE Cavalli known for the opulent homes of Middle East, Europe and Russia.

One brand promoting the other

You must have seen advertisements for the promotion of products and/or services offered by a brand and also ads which are only meant for branding purposes. But here are examples where you would find that a brand is promoting another brand.

Samsung Nexus masthead

Samsung Nexus masthead

Like in the above Samsung masthead taken from the Samsung India website which reads “Pur Google. First phone to run Gingerbread, the fastest version of Android yet. Google | SAMSUNG” Google is repeated 3 times in the creative and Android, Samsung & Gingerbread only once. Who got the publicity guys?

Micromax A70 masthead

Micromax A70 masthead

Also, here, Micromax didn’t shy away from putting “i phone” saying “i can afford this phone. Presening Micromax A70. The affordable Android. Who got the publicity guys?

Buy a computer and get a website and email FREE

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Some unusual place names in the USA

Some of the towns in the USA have very unusual names. Such a list is below:

  • Bald Head, Maine
  • Happy Jack, Arizona
  • Bat Cave, North Carolina
  • Lollipop, Texas
  • Medicine Hat, Alberta
  • Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
  • Clam, Michigan
  • Noodle, Texas
  • Couch, Missouri
  • Five Fingers, New Brunswick
  • Okay, Oklahoma
  • Toad Suck, Arkansas
  • Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
  • Asphalt, Kentucky
  • Hygiene, Colorado
  • Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  • Walla Walla, Washington
  • Black Gnat, Kentucky
  • Colon, Missouri
  • Cut and Shoot, Texas
  • Elbow, Saskatchewan
  • Porkee, Pennsylvania
  • Droop, West Virginia
  • Salvage, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Funk, Nebraska
  • Tuna, Pennsylvania
  • Lithium, Missouri
  • Zzyzx, California
  • Moose Factory, Ontario,
  • Egg Harbor City, New Jersey

Play Rummy Card Game Online at and Win Cash Prizes

Games 24x7 Rummy

Games 24x7 Rummy is a multiplayer online rummy games website. This website offers online rummy in India where players from India can play 13 cards Indian rummy online with lacs of players.

Rummy card game is immensely popular in India and is a game of skill and not a game of chance which is why playing rummy online for money is absolutely legal in India. Games24x7 is the first online company to bring games of skill with cash prizes to the large, yet under-served Indian market in a fun, light-hearted and friendly setting.

How to play the rummy online at

To play rummy online, one simply needs to visit website and create a free rummy account and select a tournament from the tournament list page. As soon as you select a tournament to play and join that tournament, a pop-up opens and the rummy game begins. This pop-up is will give you a real life experience where a nice rummy table is set for you to play. A high card draw is done to decide the first turn and then this exciting game of arranging your cards begins.

13 Cards Indian rummy rules

  • A Single deck of cards without printed jokers is required to play 13 Cards Indian Rummy.
  • Cards have to be arranged in the form of sequences low to high i.e. : Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King and sets of three or four card i.e. 3 3 3 or 4 4 4 4.
  • Ace can be either used for making Ace 2 3 or Ace King Queen.
  • Face cards i.e. Jack, Queen and King carry 10 points. Ace also carries 10 points.

This rummy website provides unlimited number of free rummy games and one can also participate in cash tournaments without any entry fee and still make money by winning. Navigating the website is pretty easy, simple login and you are taken to a page from where you can choose your options i.e. play for free and play for cash then after selecting an option, a tournament list appears that displays the active tournaments, entry fee, number of players, prize money etc.

Bigg Boss 4 contestants unveiled

We brought you pictures of how Salman Khan will look in Bigg Boss season 4 starting today. Now, the time has come to unveil all the 14 contestants who will be participating in this season of Bigg Boss hosted by Sallu bhai.

Aanchal Kumar

Aanchal Kumar

Rajnikanth’s looks in Endhiran

Rajnikanth can clearly be regarded as a phenomenon. Many of his fans down south want to look like him, fight like him and follow whatever he does. He may be a simple man in real life but he is able to create a magic on the silverscreen which many of Bollywood counterparts can’t product still now.

Dial a Cab - Hamilton


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